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There was blood everywhere, coating everything in a thick layer of red.
Chains rattled against the wall, shouts of angry protest.
A sword was drawn, metal scraping on the scabbard. Two
strokes, glinting in the light,
more red splashed onto the walls.

Darkened Days and Silver Nights

Meet Arakume, a wind demoness that bears a grudge.
She's an accomplished thief, and her sister is her helper.
But when Kina and Liana are killed,
she's taken in by Koenma grudgingly. What could happen with Hiei
and Yusuke trying to kill her?

Fallen Hearts

Kasumi is just a girl trying to get through college, but her life is flipped
upside down when she runs into Kaoru, the lead guitarist
of Dir en Grey, outside of her college when class is over. Whoever
said that fantasies didn't come true, eh?
(Being Rewritten at this time)

Raven's Midnight Flight

One band meets another in this not-so-classic love story.

Swallowed in the Dark

Kitsuya's life was far from normal, yet after her parents are kidnapped
it got even MORE abnormal. Teaming up with the Gang and her friend
Sayuri, they work towards creating a balance in the chaos.
"You... you killed them all, and yet you're one of us."

Something Stolen

"Memories of important events are passed on through the generations with faeries.
Something that managed to wipe out almost all of the forest faeries would
definitely be in her memories."